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On Repeat

Audiobooks worth listening to in waves:
again...and again...

Book List: Testimonials

A concise and compelling exploration of the agreements each human can make with themselves to improve one's experience of daily life. 

The Four Agreements are:

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.

  2. Don't Take Anything Personally.

  3. Don't Make Assumptions.

  4. Always Do Your Best.

Reduce Needless Suffering & Self-Limiting Beliefs

The Four Agreements


A Narrative Therapist's enlightening contemplation of the stories that hold us back, why they once served us, & how to let them go.

"No Judgment; Just Noticing"

Already Enough


Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon reflects on the philosophy of her father and the way in which each of us can intentionally harness the full power of our potential.

“Life is not a competition; it's a cocreation.”

Be Water, My Friend

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Book List: Testimonials

An approachable and versatile model for finding organization and building motivation amongst the chaos of our many options and plans. An accessible way to use dot grids to think outside the box.

Learning not to let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good

The Bullet Journal Method


A concise exploration of the 5 pillars of Ikigai: A Japanese philosophy in which motivation & connectedness are cultivated from within each of us.  Take charge of what is within your power to change.

Kodawari: attention to details that exceed expectation; an unapologetic, relentless devotion to one's craft

Awakening Your Ikigai


An inspirational and actionable look at ways in which the things that bring us joy - sometimes as simple as a passion for photography - can lead us to opportunities for advocacy and a path toward changing the world.

Sustainability comes from a lens of loving what you do.

The Lightmaker's Manifesto


A courageous exploration of breaking the cages society imposes on us and finding our inner wild. Taking a hard look at what it means to become more intentional about ways we can choose ourselves daily.

"How to quit Pleasing and start Living" - Get Untamed the journal



A researcher's perspective into the bravery inherent in vulnerability; a science-backed look into the heights we can each achieve when facing the world from a place of profound honesty & curiosity

"I'm here to get it right, not to be right" - Brené Brown

Daring Greatly

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