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Anna Elise Loprieno

~ Let's find your most sustainable & rewarding path forward! ~

The first step to routing a path toward change is in accepting where we currently are.

Presence is the antidote to Depression & Anxiety:

  • Depression can feel like Stuckness in Past regrets & feelings of Shutdown

  • Anxiety can feel like a Pull towards Future worries & feelings of Agitation

  • Returning to the moment we're in can make us more socially effective

My approach to the work of mental health is built upon on a nonjudgmental reflection of each client's experiences, needs, and goals for their future.

Even the loftiest goals can be collaboratively created and intentionally aimed

- with attention to  our context, capabilities, & objectives -

Every clinician has their own style; mine is a blended balance of:

  1. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  2. Mindful Self Compassion (MSC)

  3. Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • A focus on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which includes many different skills including those designed for becoming more effective in recognizing and asking for what we need in ways that make it more likely that others will want to provide it for us.

    • This topic is called Interpersonal Effectiveness

    • DBT also includes skills around Emotion Regulation, Mindfulness, and Distress Tolerance.

      • The first two tend to be more self-explanatory, and Distress Tolerance is about recognizing times where we are at an emotional level from which we might make things worse if we act on our impulses...and then finding ways to reduce our emotional level to a tolerable level before going back to solve the issue itself. 

  • A lens of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) which allows us each to grow a mindset of compassion for our own struggles and build toward acceptance of our own experience.

    • Because we spend 24 hours a day with ourselves, this practice can increase our resilience to unexpected hurt feelings or stressors that will inevitably come up from work, family, and friends - whether or not anyone meant us any harm in those settings. 

  • A passion for the many perspectives we all bring into our every-day interactions through consideration of Internal Family Systems (IFS) which is a model that holds space for times in which we have varying - sometimes even conflicting - opinions of a single complex situation.

    • IFS holds that while we may experience confusing internal conversations like these, we are ultimately learning to choose which of these perspectives our most effective (Wise Mind) Self would prefer to act on in pursuit of our goals toward a Life Worth Living.

    • Example: Part of us might feel motivated to learn all the nuances of how we can be more effective, and another part might feel overwhelmed by the idea of how much work that might entail.

      • Both parts in this scenario are valid, and both are helping us to balance our needs, wants, and hopes. 


My scope of competence is derived from formal education & hands-on experience in the realms of:

Systemic/Family Coaching

(Interpersonal "Systems" can include families, teams, or groups)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Foundations 

(Adapted Workshops & Skills Coaching available​ upon request)

Child / Adolescent Behavioral Intervention (ABA)
Financial & Retirement Planning

Human Resources / Corporate Administration


About Me: About Me

Admiration & Inspiration

Thought Leaders whose Work I Hope to Honor

Brené Brown - For her pioneering research into Courage, Shame, & Vulnerability

Bruce Lee - For his lifelong commitment to living in to one's full potential

Gabor Maté - For his work normalizing the causes & behavioral cures for struggles like Addiction, Autoimmune Disorders, and ADHD
Glennon Doyle - For her brave exploration of how to break free from learned cages

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